Save the nature


An important part of the Programme for development of the national system for separate collection of waste from packaging through utilization organization is to cover at least 6.3 million people of the country’s population.

ECOCOLLECT contributes to the achievement of the national aims by investing in planning, organization and building of integrated municipal systems for separate collection, temporary storage, sorting, processing and transportation to recycling factories of waste from packaging collected from households, commercial and public sites.
The selection of a system for collection and subsequent treatment of waste from packaging is subject to an agreement between ECOCOLLECT – as a utilization organization, and each municipality.

In selecting a separate collection system the following important factors have to be taken into consideration:

- number of residents and households in the municipality;
- construction density – by districts;
- current condition of the waste collection and transportation system;

Specific requirements for collecting the waste from:

-  food establishments, schools, kindergartens, public and administrative buildings;
- industrial companies and shops;
- tourist sites and resort complexes;
- routes used and optimum logistic schemes.