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Separate collection

ECOCOLLECT JSC organizes and introduces combined-type systems for separate collection of waste from packaging – containers and sacks. The collection system using containers consists of two specialized plastic containers for separate collection of packaging waste – Beaver type modification having capacity of 1,1 m3 and Igloo type modification having capacity of 1,2 m3, and their color designation is yellow – for collecting cardboard, plastic and metal packaging and green – for collecting glass packaging waste. The containers are situated at certain points consisting of two containers – yellow and green. The location of the said points is in accordance with the location of the bigger administrative centers, public buildings, schools etc.
The sacks have the same colors, function and the relevant marking as the containers and are intended for use by the households from smaller towns.

I. The yellow container is intended for collection of clean paper, plastic and metal packaging, including:
- Paper and cardboard packaging, cardboard (paper sacks for storing dust consistency), cardboard boxes, packing paper (wrapping paper) etc. Boxes are dismantled and folded. All “foreign” bodies such as sticky tape, expanded polystyrene, plastic pads, ropes, wires and wood are removed.
- Office paper, cards, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, books, notebooks, advertising brochures, calendars etc. All springs, spirals and staples, as well as any samples and other products enclosed with the magazines are removed.
- Bottles from mineral water, soft drinks, beer etc. The caps are removed and the bottles are crushed in order to take less space in the container.
- Packaging of cosmetic products.
- Nylon (the sticky tape is removed), polyethylene bags, wrapping polyethylene foil. The volume of the polyethylene bags and wrapping foil have to be reduced as much as possible.
- Plastic cans containing water-soluble materials.
- Aluminum cans from drinks, tins, aluminum foil.
Packages should be emptied of any food residues and washed.
The following MUST NOT be thrown in the yellow container:

- Dirty paper packaging;
- Toilet paper, napkins, diapers and other sanitary materials;
- Food, domestic and construction waste, including wood;
- Materials contaminated with harmful and hazardous substances, packages of chemical products;
-  Household appliances or parts thereof, batteries etc.;
-  Packages of paint, lacquers, machine and motor oils.

II. The green container is intended for collecting clean glass packaging, including:
- Glass bottles, jars. 
Packaging should be emptied of any food residues and washed.
The following MUST NOT be thrown in the green container

- Ceramic cups, mirrors, heat-resistant or lead glass pots (pans, pots, jugs etc.), test-tubes, electric bulbs and luminescent lamps.
- Materials contaminated with harmful and hazardous substances.
- Window glass panes.