Save the nature


Soon natural resources will not be so freely available. This is the realization reached by all developed nations/countries in the world. Now is the time to start reforming the future! Recycling industry plays a big role in this process. The reduction of the deposited waste and restoration of useful raw materials and energy from organic waste are an important contribution to our conditions of life. The use of innovative systems by ECOINVEST ASSETS JSC is provoked by the desire to do something in this direction. We are pioneers in the use of technologies forming the contemporary image of waste management.

ECOINVEST ASSETS JSC was established in 2007 with the following objects of business: “design, construction and operation of a plant for processing solid household waste, including the provision of services for processing solid household waste and management of waste activities”.
The company built a new installation for neutralizing solid household waste having capacity of 450 tons a day. The installation processes the waste generated in the municipality of Varna implementing resolution no. 3147/13.09.2007 of the Varna Municipal Council and a contract between the company and the Municipality of Varna dated 22nd October 2007.

THE PLANT FOR PROCESSING SOLID HOUSEHOLD WASTE IN THE VILLAGE OF SHISHMANTSI, district of Plovdiv was put into operation in December 2009. The investments for its construction amount to more than BGN 45 million.